Natty Block

Branding / Logo Creation / Packaging / Social Media / Website design / E-commerce integration / Copy writing / Photography

Natty Block is an all new sun care company dedicated to providing harmless, chemical free protection to those who chase the sun’s warmth. They are brand new, had no prior branding foundation in place, and needed everything built from the bottom up.

After the branding elements and packaging were in place, we then set out to create a unique website and social media page. Using “good-practices” techniques and strategy, the blueprint for the site was formed, which was then populated with strong messaging and enticing imagery. Built off of Squarespace for easy client editing, this site was up and running in no time.

View the live site here

There is so much competition and distractions on social media that it’s hard to break through to potential consumers. As a unique change, the original “teaser” @nattyblock page was comprised of 24 images that did not make much sense individually, but tiled together on the home page made one continuous image. By breaking one very large image into many abstract ones, it creates curiosity when seen individually, driving more traffic to the main page.

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